Gear Review #1: A Fridge...but for your CAR.

Disclaimer: This gear review is honest feedback on a product that I have personally purchased and used myself.  The purchasing link at the bottom is an Amazon Affiliate link for the Mad Device store and I earn commission on qualifying purchases.   


F40C4TMP 12V Portable Refrigerator

If you’re a road warrior rep, then you’re well aware of the challenges that come with keeping yourself sustained in a healthy manner.  

Quiktrip breakfast tacos and Taco Bell adds up over tome (in more ways than one) so I’ll get to the point:

You can put a mobile fridge in your car.  I bought the 24 quart F40C4TMP 12V Portable Refrigerator last year since my territory had grown, and I found myself spending more time on the road.  Stopping for food was neither time efficient nor healthy.  The ARB brand is the gold standard of vehicle fridges, but I wasn’t ready to spend $800+.  

$279.99 seemed much more reasonable.   

The fridge for your car ^


Size & capacity: 

The F40C4TMP 24 quart size is more than enough to store food and drinks for a day in the territory.  I bought this version to double as a work fridge and one I can use for outdoor adventures, and this size fits the criteria for shorter trips. 

I found that the fridge also kept the items cold in moderate to cold temperature after going into accounts for a few hours.  The insulated bin still keeps the items from getting extremely hot during summer temps (90 degrees F and up), but I wouldn’t rely on it to keep food from spoiling if you are away from your car all day.

The design is a little bulky.  It hasn’t been a problem in my SUV but it might be inconvenient in a smaller sedan.  This company does offer the 20 quart size so that might be better for smaller vehicles.   

24 quart portable refrigerator

^it's not a tiny fridge by any means, but it should fit just fine in large sedans and SUVs of any size.

Operating the fridge 

The fridge is super easy to use.  Plug it into your car’s 12v (cigarette lighter) outlet, turn it on, and set the temperature.  I keep my temp slightly above freezing to try to keep my items as cold as possible when I’m out of the car.  

It’s slightly noisy, but let’s be honest—we are all used to stuff rattling around in the back of our vehicles.  Not a problem for me.  


This thing is solidly built.  I haven’t had any problems with malfunctions or parts breaking, and I have beat this thing to hell in the past year.  I’ve had instrument sets crashing into it, taken it in and out of the car when i need the extra room, and have even used it outdoors. It still works perfectly.  

Overall Rating:

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.  My only complaint is the bulk, but you can't beat the price for what you're getting, and it works well.  I definitely recommend it for the road warrior rep.  

Retail price: $279.99

Where to purchase:  (Amazon Affiliate Link)