Gear Review #2: Books….for your Car

Disclaimer: This gear review is honest feedback on a service that I have personally purchased and used myself.  The purchasing link at the bottom is an Amazon Affiliate link for the Mad Device store and I earn commission on qualified purchases.  

Audible Premium Plus


This is going to be a short one because Audible is a very straightforward service.

I'm a huge fan of Audible because I can keep my brain sharp with the amount of time I'm spending in the car.  My preferred audiobook categories are sales, leadership, and general self development books. 

I've been using Audible for the past three years and believe that the service is well worth it.

Here's a breakdown of the different Audible plans:

Audible Plus:  Access to 11,000 titles of originals, podcasts, audiobooks, sleep tracks, and meditation programs (30 day free trial, then $7.95 per month)

Audible Premium Plus: Same as above, but also includes one title per month from an extended offering of best sellers and new releases. (30 day free trial, then $14.95 per month)

I prefer the Premium Plus plan so I'm not limited on which audiobooks I can listen to each month, and that's my current subscription.  

If you want to give the Audible Premium Plus free trial a shot for 30 days, here's the link: (it comes with up to two free audio books, so not a bad deal at all).  

If you're looking for book recommendations, then check out my reading list page:

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-Mad Device Rep